Company Overview

Ai5 is a project management and security technology solutions firm providing the highest degree of competence for the most critical projects. Success is the only option for securing utilities, hospitals, and other industries with sensitive operations and facilities. Ai5 provides the resources and architecture to ensure that your chosen security measures are implemented and operational to specification.

Sensitive sites deserve customized security options. Threats turned real along with the chaos and headlines that follow are mitigated by Ai5’s Team of Technology/Security Partners who major in comprehensive security for the most sensitive business operations.

Our Approach

Ai5 offers reliable execution and meaningful resources for all of our client’s project management and security technology needs. All members of the Ai5 Team have served in the “client role”, and thus appreciate the needs of clients in the pursuit of excellence for project management and security technology solutions. We believe that it is our duty to thoughtfully guide each stakeholder to a place marked by success in project outcomes, and confidence in a secure and threat reduced environment.

Model Service for Client Engagement

Ai5 solves the challenge failure due to project complexity by employing 5 principles:

Architecture: Ai5 believes and experience shows that projects are completed on a foundation that emphasizes strong architecture. Masterful planning, strategic processes, and design flexibility are hallmarks of sound project architecture.

Analytics: We believe that the use and collection of data (analytics) is the best tool to determine business needs, operations, and security requirements. Whether a tool that gathers data, or the actual deployment of such a tool, analytics remains the primary vehicle through which we engage and advise our clients.

Adaptable: We remind ourselves that no two clients or projects are alike. We reject the idea of deploying or by way of project management, providing merely what we would prefer a client to have. Our highest and best effort is displayed when our talents are fully adapted to the unique needs of each client resulting in perfect symmetry between expectations and outcomes.

integrative: We believe in fielding project teams who take an integrative approach to every client; competently pooling multiple resources and disciplines together, deciphering the impact of each discipline and resource upon each other, and thereafter weaving each data point and interaction together to produce an outcome that majors in strengths, mitigates weaknesses, and reflects with great accuracy client needs and expectations.

integrity: Although defined many ways, we practice the discipline of integrity by employing a mindset that places the needs and interest of our clients above our own. Our chief end in all engagements is to have each client experience an honorable, honest, and selfless work ethic on their behalf by our Team.